Is china behind global cyber attacks?

The U.S stock market hit a bump in the road when McAfee released reports about global attacks on huge corporate companies. These attacks violated companies personal information. Luckily McAfee was able to acquire logs from the control server and figure out all the companies that were attack after a long waiting period. Having all of this information the blame finger was pointed towards china. China didn’t take the news lightly and stated that McAfee was doing this to boost their public ratings. McAfee denied this saying that based of the information they have gathered it did point toward Chinese representatives.


3 thoughts on “Is china behind global cyber attacks?

  1. China is just a terrible world power country. They are so irresponsible and hate everyone else. They have such a pride in their country with all their communism. They have definitely been doing some under cover work against the U.S. that we just don’t know about yet and when we see what they’re doing we probably wont be surprised.

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