Most people already know that connecting and using an unsecured network is a bit risky. With programs like Wireshark, and other packet sniffing programs, connecting to an unsecured network is more than a little risky, it’s extremely risky. And now Firesheep is going to make using a public hotspot a death sentence. Firesheep is an add-on for Firefox that can grab a person’s browser’s cookies. Every time you log on facebook or twitter your  computer sends your login data to their severs which respond back to you with a cookie. That cookie is used to authenticate who you are. Firesheep steals that cookie, allowing for the attacker to essentially be you. Unlike Wireshark, Firesheep is incredibly easy to use. Once installed all a person has to do is connect to an unsecured network with other users actively browsing the internet and click “Start Capturing”. From there it’s all over.It's really this easy to use.


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  1. That sounds like a very dangerous program. Just another reason not to use unsecure networks. The problem is as IT people we known not to, but people not as knowledgeable about the topic don’t always know. I would assume this will be popular for the folks trying to steal identities.

    • Well hopefully blogs like these help get the word out that using an unsecured network is dangerous. Now more than ever people need to wake up to the dangers of the internet since non-tech savvy individuals can hack into other peoples private information.

  2. as far as id thieves go, how easy would it be once your in.. “hey mom whats my Social Security number? i need it for a job application” i bet you could get alot form that.

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