A possible way to make people more security aware

The video we watched in class today about the crazy eddie plan made me think that maybe people would understand better security if they understood that people out there are trying to get them. Sal was a likeable person but he was also a criminal. The reason why he was able to get away with so much was because he would prey on human emotion. Thing is once he got you, he would attack your weaknesses as a human and exploit you. If more people understood that attitude maybe they would not want to be “gotten” by the scheme. Then again, it is tough to be truely secure, and maybe teaching people about this attitude would have either no, or a poor effect. What do you think?


5 thoughts on “A possible way to make people more security aware

  1. I Google “Sam Antar” and found that he has his own website (whitecollarfraud.com). In quickly looking it over, Mr. Antar provides his opinions about some of the shady stuff going on in the corporate and accounting world. It also includes a listing of his speaking engagements and mentions his Fraud Training and Services. RIT was even mentioned in the listing.

    In scanning his blogposts, he had one post from Dec 25, 2006 titled “The Art of Spinning: How to Identify Possible White Collar Criminals or at Least Unethical and Deceitful People Who You Should Avoid”. This particular blog listed some tricks of the trade that he used to swindle people.

  2. When watching the video, I found that man to be very endearing. His Brooklyn accent and phrases he used and jokes he made really lull you to where he wants you to be. I think Professor F was right in that some of the best social engineers are actors. They pretend for a living so they’d be really good at lying to your face nonchalantly.

  3. You are right. It would be very difficult to tell when the guy is lying and when he is telling the truth. One point I liked in Prof Francesco’s lecture was that he said that actors “read” their audiences and make adjustments to their performances. Kevin Mitnick also talked about how social engineers read people in his book “Lies and Deception”. Reading people and the ability to lie on command – these are two reasons why I wouldn’t want to play poker with Mr. Antar!

  4. Every time he brought up his money, he never gave us full confidence that it was gone. He kept giving little smirks and using words like “pretty much nothing left”. I call BS. That guy is still loaded. He said he’d take all questions and he did, but how many did he fully and honestly answer? The little bastard knows what he’s doing.

  5. Yup, you are right. He said that he would answer the question, but he took a circuitous route to get to his answer (and his answer was pretty vague).
    You do remember his phrase during the video, “obstruction through distraction”? I guess we all got to see him use that trick (with the money question).

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