Accused Chinese cyber-spy on trial for stealing Motorola secrets

A software engineer by the name of Hanjuan Jin was arrested at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, ready to depart via a one-way ticket to China. Along with $30,000, she was carrying more than 1,000 electronic and paper documents from her former employer (she had just quit Motorola) as well as Chinese documents for military telecommunications technology, according to the FBI affidavit filed in court as part of the case. [1]

However, she has pleaded not guilty. Sounds to me like she was caught red handed. According to the article, this happens with Chinese nationals quite often. In my opinion, if the United States didn’t have such weak foreign policy this wouldn’t be happening as often as it does.



One thought on “Accused Chinese cyber-spy on trial for stealing Motorola secrets

  1. They are able to catch one but I believe hundreds are stealing technology from United States. It is not because of a weak foreign policy but because of people who wants to manipulate the system for their own good.

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