Hacker Vs. Hacker?

A recent news article over at InfoWorld ( http://www.infoworld.com/d/security/hacker-selling-access-compromised-websites-gets-hacked-178103 ) talks about a hacker by the name of Srblche. He is known to try to profit from hacking by compromising systems for money, and he also runs an online store selling access to high profile websites and data. But in this article it doesn’t go into details about how he did these things, or talk about how he got caught. This article talks about a group of hackers known as d33ds decided to hack him.

Members of the hacking community accused Srblche in the past of stealing other people’s tools from underground forums and trying to profit from them, which might explain why d33ds targeted him.

“Anyone willing to pay for this service must be as stupid as he is,” d33ds wrote in its announcement of Srblche’s online catalogue being hacked. The group published information about the server, the password hashes of his customers and even the hacker’s administrative access code in plain text.

It’s common to think about how hackers break into peoples systems and try to steal things. What people don’t think about much is hackers hacking other hackers. This article made me start wondering how much this really goes on. Is it common for hackers to go after each other? I think it could easily be a common occurrence without it being known. The hacker being attacked has his ego and reputation to protect, and the hacker doing the hacking doesn’t want to get caught. So isn’t it possible this happens fairly often but details never get out?

7 thoughts on “Hacker Vs. Hacker?

  1. Heh, that made me laugh. That’s like two burglars encountering each other and going at it.

    Now, I think I understand why d33ds would do this. It seems more like a matter of pride. These tools for hacking are for hackers, and hackers alone. Using these tools to basically sell yourself is fairly insulting. What’s more, he broadcasts the act of hacking, something that is often looks to remain low-profile. Reminds me of ninjas. They want to get the job done quietly and subtlety, not do the job and then dance on the rooftop.

    • Yea, i understand what your saying, and when i first read about it I was thinking he got what he deserved. Just kind of made me wonder how much underground hacker vs hacker action is really going on.

    • Haha yeah. That reminds me of a story where a burglar robbed a house but stubbed his toe climbing through the window or something and sued the owners of the house he was robbing because he was injured. If I recall he won the case. Must’ve been in California or some state on the left coast.

      But this article is pretty interesting. I agree with the poster. I wonder how often hackers go after each other rather than the general population.

      • Yea its ridiculous what people can sue for now days. And quite honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if they did try to sue each other. But at the same time In most cases I don’t think they want their true identities being known.

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