America will not provoke war!

This article (–133493833.html ) explains that America is so weak to cyber attack that it would be too risky to initiate war. Many countries could hit us over the internet, a new tool of war, and have devastating effects. Even a battlefield can be harmed! If equipment just stops working then things would turn out pretty badly. It is simply too risky for us to go to war, and we are at huge risk of being attacked. Until we can fix our internet problem, we will be at a severe disadvantage to any opposing forces.

The good news is that now the network is becoming more secure. If we manage to make our internet infrastructure more secure then we might actually transition into a position of advantage over other weaker networks. But for now, we are in a no – attacking position and if we weren’t at such a risk for being attacked (like an unfair cold war) then I would feel pretty happy about our forced pacifism.


3 thoughts on “America will not provoke war!

  1. Um, I don’t think you could consider the U.S. pacifists in cyber warfare. Check out some stories about Stuxnet. True that we are vulnerable to targeted attacks, but I think most countries would shy away from an all-out country vs. U.S. cyber war. Just like “Pearl Harbor”, they would win the first battle, but ultimately lose the war.
    What I do see is another cold war shaping up with Russia and China as our rivals. And once again, nobody wants to be the one to start the chain of events that leads to mutually-assured destruction.

  2. That is an optimistic way to look at it. After Desert Storm, we thought we could compel our enemies to reform using sophisticated aerial attacks. It worked OK against industrialized nations like Bosnia and Iraq, but not so good in low-tech wars like Afghanistan. The saying goes that no air force has ever controlled ground. I think that a war in cyber space is limited in its affects on non-digitized nation (North Korea, Afghanistan, etc). It is a force-multiplier, but not a end-all solution.

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