I wonder what made him quit?

Google’s director of public policy, which operated out of DC, has recently resigned. Alan Davidson has been keeping relations with the government and has been instrumental over the years in bridging the gap between Google and government. He admitted that some public policy issues are very “complex”. It’s going to be interesting to see how Google will handle the continual pressure from legislators over time. Thus far, Google has been very good at standing their ground against pressure from regulators. These issues can and will shape the internet’s future given the influence Google has. We can only hope Google steers free of corruption and pressure put down by government, as they have been doing steadily throughout the years, and especially these times.

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One thought on “I wonder what made him quit?

  1. Google and the government? The googlement?! Joking aside, I wonder what google is doing to involve themselves with the government. We could be looking at some major changes in government security if google makes changes. This could be very good for the country! Scary though, how the man in charge of the interactions recently resigned… the ‘bridging’ could be pretty bad for google’s future.

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