Cyber Warfare

As some have surely seen, news of Iran and they’re nuclear program has gained the attention of millions. According to a source Iran has ‘Mastered the critical steps necessary to design and build a nuclear weapon.’ Perhaps even more interesting is the countermeasures to the potential threat. Iran nuclear facilities have apparently been under attack by a virus known as the “Stuxnet virus”.

Stuxnet was able to inflitrate Iran’s nuclear facility (Natanz) closed system. The Stuxnet virus was able to sift through the system and find specific software that is crucial to Natanz’s system operation. Stuxnet effectively sabotaged the Natanz system while showing that everything was functioning properly. Once engineers became aware that they’re system had been compromised over 1000 centrifuges had been replaced due to Stuxnet’s attack.

Stuxnet has been deemed an incredibly complex and sophisticated virus, that it is believed to have required a vast amount of resources to produce such a virus. The creators to this day are still unknown.

What I took from this was that realistically when we think of war we think of armies, munitions, etc. However as can be seen through this article, the realm of the cyber world already is and will continue to play a role in warfare.

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2 thoughts on “Cyber Warfare

  1. Wow Stuxnet was very effective it seems. One problem however is that Iran still has the capability to create nuclear weapons. Its true that cyberwarfare is becoming a tool of war but there needs to be another way to subvert this stalled yet still-present danger.

  2. It seems that we may be starting a new cold war based on cyber warfare instead of proxy countries. The airforce has a cyber warfare division now, and every day we continue to hear of attacks or attempted attacks on the US. Stuxnet is a good example of WHAT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. Sure it was most likely a joint us-israeli operation that created stuxnet and deployed it, but that does not mean other countries are not trying to do the same to the US. In face, they may have already completed a similar attack, and we may not know about it until its too late. Similarly, if attacks such as the stuxnet virus could be considered an act of war, then imagine how easy it would be to start a war with a few thousand lines of code. Or alternatively, imagine how easy it would be to make two OTHER countries go to war over a little misunderstanding that you happened to infect them with.

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