Malicious Android Apps

As many of you are aware mobile malware is arising with the development of the Android OS. As you are also aware many smart phone’s have large amounts of personal information on them. People keep personal secludes, contact information, and sometimes even extremely sensitive information like social security numbers on their phones.

In light of that many criminals have started to target this platform in hopes of quick cash. However there is half-decent defense against most would be criminals in the form of the app stores that the apps are purchased or freely downloaded from. These stores like the Amazon apps store have policies dealing with developers uploading apps. These policies usually involve background checks on the developer and the application that he or she is uploading.

So where is the danger you ask? Well many third party application stores are popping up for Chinese citizens with Android phones because of google’s rocky relationship with China. In these third party sites just about any application can be uploaded. The most common threats come from criminals who take legitimate programs from apps stores like Amazon and then add their own code to them for malicious purposes. Although this type of malware is still in the prototype stages, it could and will probably develop into a fairly large problem in the future.




One thought on “Malicious Android Apps

  1. Viruses in apps sound like a containable problem. I wonder if people will put viruses on webpages for androids. I think I might take internet service off my phone… but apps that are modified with a virus by hackers kinda makes me not want to have an android at all.. Maybe to stay safe I can just take all the information out of my phone. But then I could just use an old cheap phone.. hmm.

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