Places you should avoid using your debit card

Debit is now the preferred payment type in most point-of-sale locations, beating cash, credit cards and checks. But that does not mean you should use debit cards all the timeIn fact, there are some places and times that using  a debit car is actually a lousy idea, take for instance using a debit card online can work against you. If you have a problem with the purchase or your debit card number is stolen, it’s a huge hassle to get the money restored to your account and make your card number safe and secure again. In the online world, credit cards are usually a better bet.

Here are some instances where debit card usage is a bad idea:

  • Rental or security deposits. If you have to put money down to rent a car or heavy-duty home improvement equipment, try not t o use a debit card. Why? Because the business will actually take the money out of your account in the form of a security deposit. You’ll get the cash back when you return the car or equipment. But with a credit card the money is just “frozen” but not actually charged and you won’t ever notice it’s gone.
  • Restaurants and bars. There are way too many prying eyes around a dining establishment to trust using your debit card. Apart from the risk of having your card stolen, restaurants are one of those rare places where someone actually walks away with your card and you don’t see them for a few minutes. Much better to use cash when dining out.
  • Regular payments. Businesses love to get their  fingers on your your debit card so they can extract dues straight from your bank account on a regular basis. Whether it’s a gym or your insurance company, you’re better off using a credit card. That’s because if there’s a dispute, the business won’t take the cash right out of your checking account if they don’t have your debit card number.
  • Wi-Fi hot spots. Never use your debit card for an online purchase while at a coffee shop or other business that offers free WiFi access. Many of those businesses have unsecured wireless connections, so it’s much easier for hackers and scammers to log on and steal your data.
  • Any retail outlet where you choose the “credit” option. Debit cards allow you to choose between a debit (having cash taken straight out of your account) and a credit transaction (where the money will be taken out but it could be a few days late) you may forget the purchase and not account for the money. That can lead to an overdraft situation that cost you more money than you where willing to spend to begin with.

Debit cards are great financial tools, and it’s easier carrying a card than a wad of cash. But debit cards shouldn’t be used all the time — and the situations listed above should be at the top of your list of “no debit” zones in the future.



4 thoughts on “Places you should avoid using your debit card

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  2. It’s really choosing convenience over security. Sure, using cash in certain places is safe, but stolen cash is hard to get back. If your card got stolen you could cancel it and get a new one, and your money remains safe. You do make a good point though about limiting the use on your card to certain places.

    • I agree. A lot of the things you mentioned makes sense but become a hassle over time if you try to stick to them. I also think that credit cards have better fraud systems than debit cards which is another reason to not use ur debit card as much.

  3. My sister had her card information stolen, not once, but twice. She’s pretty sure it was from using it at restaurants and bars, so this is pretty good advice. My sister doesn’t have the greatest security mindset though; I can easily see her making purchases online on public wifi as well.

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