Steam hacked

Valve has just recently confirmed that Steam has been hacked. The extent of damage done is unknown at the moment, however “The company is certain the hackers gained access to a database with this encrypted information, but don’t know if they took it or will be able to crack its encryption.”

The breach supposedly happened when Steam forums were taken offline due to some vandalization by a website named “fkn0wned”. The database that the hackers had access to contained “information such as user names, hashed and salted passwords, game purchases, e-mail addresses, billing addresses and encrypted credit card information”.

All we can hope now is that the hackers didn’t steal any sensitive personal information. And maybe this will teach a lesson to everyone that no company (including tech companies) is completely protected from hacks because one of the largest gaming industries just got hit hard. And to all the gamers out there, be sure to think of this breach when buying any new games (like Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3).


4 thoughts on “Steam hacked

  1. It always surprises me how some people think they are invincible. The best state to be is to always update your security and assume that everyone is out to get you.

  2. Heh, as a user of Steam, I’ll have to keep an eye on billing, change passwords and etc. Fun times.

  3. Steam impresses me with their quick response time and openness about the problem. The account info that was stolen was salted and hashed, and the credit card information was secured using AES 256bit encryption. Asides from that, the official notice to steam users is signed by the head of the company, Gabe Newell. If this was Sony they would have waited 3 months to acknowledge the problem, and then take another month or two to actually fix it.

  4. There just isnt any fullproof way to protect online games….you cant get mad at any individual company because it just takes determination from the hackers to infiltrate any security system. You just have to hope these companies have taken good security measures to protect the information should they be hacked.

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