Twitter, The Easiest Way To Incriminate Yourself

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is running a story about the ongoing Wikileaks investigation:

Apparently, the courts have ruled that private Twitter records related the case are fair game for inspectors. Users who may have had other information disclosed can’t even find out where the information was disclosed from. Now, Twitter is not to blame for the release of this information and they are keeping users up to date on any information they are forced to reveal, but this should be a wake up call for anyone still snoozing out there.

There is no guarantee that your data is safe once you have uploaded it to a third party. Even information on a service such as Twitter can be used against you. The only real defense is to not post information that may come back to bite you.


4 thoughts on “Twitter, The Easiest Way To Incriminate Yourself

  1. People should really know that anything you post online is GENERALLY public data (unless stated otherwise by the website). I think it’s good that Twitter and other social networks are helping catch criminals. Maybe this is just my opinion, but I think that everything posted online should be allowed to be used in courts simply because, generally, everything online is open information and court systems are meant to help the public.

    • Even data that is stated as not public by the website can still be accessed by the government (or a particularly clever person with access to a computer). It really surprises me that people still put information online and think that it could never be found, especially if it’s related to something criminal. I mostly agree with you that this sort of information should be available as evidence in court, but that’s probably got something to do with the fact that I’m not stupid enough to put this sort of information online, so I’m not worried about it being used against me. haha

  2. People should know by now that nothing online is 100% private. Facebook has long since lost credibility and its only a matter of time before other social networking sites do too. I’m not saying its a bad thing that they release information such as this, but it’s wrong for people to trust these sites or to think that they can safely store information anywhere online.

  3. This is exactly why I mentioned in the group project that you cant think that your online world and your real world are separate. The best thing to do is just not put anything up that can hurt you or others…not worth it.

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