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The FBI has arrested six eastern European hackers for infecting numerous computers across the world with a sophisticated form on malware. The group known as The Rove Group, was actually hired and paid by advertising companies to increase traffic to specific sites. They did this by using a class of malware called DNSChanger which redirected traffic from legitimate sites to bogus sites instead. Some of the websites were iTunes, Netflix And even NASA and the IRS. The malware worked by redirecting a user that would click on a legitimate link to a site like iTunes to a site that pretended to sell Apple software or music.  Much like an online phishing attack except they would not steal your identity but rather the customer would pay them directly. Sometimes the customer would receive black-market good or pirated software and often they would get nothing at all. The scheme was discovered and brought down by a FBI investigation known as Operation Ghost but not before making 14 million dollars over four years. The rest of the story is here…


4 thoughts on “Anti-anti virus malware

  1. That’s pretty impressive how only a group of 6 people could deal that much damage and steal that much money. I wonder how much time they put into creating their plan before actually executing it. Hackers are definitely getting more and more elaborate which is pretty scary. With enough people, teamwork, and planning, I feel like a group of hackers could seriously damage companies as well as easily steal people’s identities.

    • Very true…and I agree it is scary. Imagine if there were more than 6? That 14 mil could have easily been twice that at least. The big thing that got my attention in all of this is that there are companies that paid for this. In the wake of the whole Wall Street debacle I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me but still it does.

  2. Regardless of how they used their talents it is very impressive what they did. Luckily they only used their skills to earn a profit instead of doing serious damage to major organizations.

    • I agree that it is impressive but i respectfully disagree that they didn’t do serious damage. I think of all the people that were scammed. How do we know the complete effects of there actions. We don;t know if people may have lost their jobs due to losses and things such as that. The biggest damage i see however is idea itself. This is now something that many other malicious hackers can build upon.

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