US Cyclist found guilty for hacking drug lab

United States cyclist Floyd Landis has been found guilty of being involved in a hacking attack on a French laboratory and was sentenced for 12 months according to the Wall Street Journal. Floyd Landis had won the 2006 Tour de France, but was stripped of his victory over doping allegations. Investigators discovered Trojan backdoors on the Laboratory computers, which accessed files and doctored them. The malware was trace back to Alain Quiros, who admitted hacking the laboratory and also Greenpeace computers.



3 thoughts on “US Cyclist found guilty for hacking drug lab

  1. Was the cyclist a scientist or something or was the lab the place where they tested him for drugs?

  2. So this was a professional cyclist who could also hack? Or did he hire someone to do this for him? It’s pretty impressive that someone could both win the tour de france and hack into green peace.

  3. To clear things up, Floyd Landis was using a hacker named Alain Quiros, to spy on the anti-doping lab. He used a Trojan Horse virus to access files, which were then shared on Landis’s trainers web site, having apparently been doctored, as evidence against the quality of the work done in the lab.

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