Black Boxes in Personal Vehicles

It is virtually impossible to buy a car these days without it containing at least one computer system. Cars are now being equipped with black boxes which monitor your driving, such as brake application, steering, etc. Information which is collected by the card could be used in the court of law, and essentially your car could be used to ‘testify against you’.

I know that they have been installing black boxes inside firetrucks, and they log everything that happens when the truck is turned on, such as its speed, applying brakes, and whether or not everyone’s seat belts are buckled while its in motion but I didn’t think they would start to put them into personal vehicles.

I think that its interesting that they are implementing black boxes into cars. It is scary to think about the amount of information that could be collected about an individual regarding where they drove, how fast they were driving, and how it could be used. Other than using it for motor vehicle accidents, the information could potentially be used many other types of crimes as well.



4 thoughts on “Black Boxes in Personal Vehicles

  1. i don’t think that company should be doing this its a way for people to not have any self privacy and i do know there is a a new tool insurance company’s uses now that’s a scary thought.

  2. In my opinion I don’t think that they should be using these black boxes inside cars because it will cause a lot of threats to a persons privacy and their personal rights.

  3. I don’t necesarly think that it records where you go, but rather acceleration, braking, speed, etc. I guess you could figure out where you went if you sat down and figured it all out but that would take some work.

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