Apple App Store Bug Patched

(hat tip to , who posted about this first. I’m just jumping off with my thoughts.)

It took 4 days, but apple has patched a bug found by security researcher Charlie Miller. He was able to get an app approved that ran unapproved code. The app seemed to be a stock monitoring app, but in actuality, it ran commands from his remote server. Miller was a security researcher, so obviously his intent was not to harm iphone/ipad users, however this bug in the wrong hands could be used to send potentially malicious code into your mobile devices.

Included in this patch was a fix to another bug that “allowed an ipad’s password to be bypassed using a smart cover to get access to some data.” (source)

Miller’s developer license was revoked for his app, but Apple did credit him for discovering the bug.

“Miller had told Apple about the code signing bug nearly a month ago, and plans to present details on his exploit at SysCan in Taiwan late next week.” (source)

He told them about this bug a month ago, with no update. He creates an app exploiting the bug, and a patch comes out in 4 days. I understand that what he did went against the App store security policies, and that they had to revoke his developers license because of it. However, I think it’s sad that it takes a concerned developer making a proof-of-concept app to get these companies to fix their security flaws.