Are clouds as safe as they seem

Panda Security’s malware research laboratory’s CI (collective intelligence) engine recently discovered a large amount of malware in cloud based computing systems. The article ( )  tells us that one third of all the malware on the internet was created in the first 10 months of 2010.  This malware Not only are there 200 million instances of malware on clouds today, the number continues to grow at an increasing rate.

Cloud technology is a simple and reliable way to share software. The problem is that the cloud needs to have impressive security, otherwise they will be vulnerable to attack. An attack on a cloud system will allow an attacker access to multiple systems further compromising the integrity of the cloud. Is the cloud as safe as it seems? Or will hackers see them as internet zeppelins, ripe for attacking.


5 thoughts on “Are clouds as safe as they seem

  1. The potential for a massive virus infiltrating a cloud system really scares me. I really hope that security is being taking a lot more seriously with this age of cloud based computing.

  2. yeah i don’t think that people should be using a “cloud” for documents that need to be kept safe and uses in a work setting.

  3. I believe that for the most part the cloud is pretty secure for sharing music and all that stuff but i would still be very reluctant to use it for sharing work documents or anything like that.

  4. For the casual user, your personal documents are normally not at that large of a risk. When a hacker is attempting to break into a cloud storage system the attack is precise and isolated to a certain area in order to gain the most valuable information. Typically this would entail trying to gain access to a business’s documents, banking passwords, and other sensitive information. It is very unlikely that any conglomeration of college essays would be the target. So long as there is nothing valuable in question–I see nothing wrong with using the cloud. However, I do maintain the practice of ‘don’t save it on the cloud unless you’re willing to risk losing it’.

  5. Well anything can be hacked anywhere so the cloud isnt less safe that anywhere else. with the increase in technologies that we use the risks grow larger. It’s an occupational hazard.

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