Cloud based storage

While storing data on the cloud is extremely handy and useful, centralizing all of your data into one single location may be a vital mistake.  Since all of your data is centralized away from your computer it is easy to access regardless of what computer your on, under any operating system.

The big flaw in doing this is that if some unintended party were to gain access to this data it had now all been centralized for them.  In doing so if any security of this were to be comprimised to corrupted this means all of the data for millions of users would have been stolen/corrupted simultaneously prvoding a huge security threat.


4 thoughts on “Cloud based storage

  1. Cloud based storage is something that I don’t 100% trust since data is stored in a place that isn’t physically within my reach and available. Not only that, but having all of your important information in one area is also dangerous as you stated. If someone were to attack a cloud make of the users would be affected and there would be a great loss.

    • Exactly, people need to be more aware of the inherent dangers related to cloud based storage before they go around storing their data on the cloud just to make things easier for themselves. People need to address the security concerns along with the benefits when making decisions of where to store their valuable data.

  2. I always like the idea of knowing exactly where my data is. I posted in another story about Amazon’s cloud storage, and I believe they are starting to roll out data centers that governments and hospitals can use to comply with security standards. Not to say their existing infrastructure isn’t secure, but there are things like HIPAA that hospitals must follow, and if there’s a market for cloud storage that meets HIPAA guidelines, someone is going to fill it. I believe to even work in one of those data centers you need not just be an American citizen, but American born as well.

  3. I am kind of for and against cloud storage. On one hand keeping a backup of all of my data online that I can easily share between devices is nice, but on the other hand since that data is online it has the chance for it to be hacked and all of my information stolen, so I dont know what side I am on.

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