Comodo Firewall

There are several key features which sets Comodo Firewall apart from any other firewall on the market today.  Comodo combines the cusomizability and large amount of configuration options with a very an extremely intuitive and easy to use interface and knowledgebase.  By doing this Comodo is now perfect for both the amateur user who is new to firewalls, and the techy who wants to customize every possible option.

Comodo monitors every piece of network activity occuring with your computer and always gives you control over what to allow and what to disallow along with always remembering your decisions.  Comodo quickly learns your user behavior to deliver you personalized protection with its very attractive GUI while its DDP-based (default deny protection)  security keeps you informed and your computer as safe as possible.  With its exensive databases and information about over 2 million applications if in doubt to whether to allow an application to access your computer Comodo will already have prepared a detailed report of its analysis and recomendations.


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  1. wow kind of sounds too good to be true too good to be true how come we don’t hear about Comodo a lot is this a new product that is just coming out?

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