Computer Monitoring

This article advocates for computer monitoring in the workplace. According to the article, doing so can secure data by blocking websites or alerting people to new threats or malware. Overall, the only legitimate reasons the article gave for monitoring computers was to ensure that employees in a business are using the computers for work purposes only. The only reasons in the article for network security do not require computer monitoring software to be effective. Websites can still be blocked and emails regarding threats can still be sent via email. The fact that employees might not support this kind of “safety” was addressed very briefly but overall, it didn’t seem to really be considered. This is a very good example of people trying to avoid the problem of network security instead of addressing it and educating employees about the threats they are supposedly being protected from.

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2 thoughts on “Computer Monitoring

  1. It’s true, that sounds more like a way to keep workers in check. However it could keep people from harming the company from the inside and things of that nature.

  2. Ive been on the workers side lollygagging on computers and I can agree that if certain sites were blocked productivity, focus etc would definitely increase but at the end of the day workers will always try to find a way to not do work 🙂

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