Deja Vu

Valve has recently announced that hackers manage to make away with tons of information on users.

“According to Valve’s co-founder Gabe Newell, the attack compromised the database which tracks users logins, passwords, game purchases, e-mail addresses, billing addresses and encrypted credit card information. Whether or not these hackers have the technical nous to decrypt the credit card information remains to be seen.”

Thankfully it was encrypted though but who knows how much of a difference that will make. It seems to me that the gaming industry really need to emphasize a little more on security. Maybe they’re been allocating too much of their budget for game design and too little on security professionals because this seems to be a recurring theme within the industry. As per above, it wasn’t just credit card info either, lots of personal details are included. Is this just a gullible target for hackers? Or are gaming companies neglecting security a bit?

Whatever it is, users don’t really seem to be in much of an uproar about this. They are too busy being entertained to notice how at risk they/we really are, I guess.


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