Electronic boarding passes for airplanes




There is currently a new technological advanced that has been made in the airplane industry in regarding the use of electronic boarding passes instead of paper ones. For example, there are applications now available on smart phones that will allow individuals to be able to now use electronic boarding passes right from their cell phones. Over 75 different airports in the United States are now allowing its passengers to use electronic boarding passages for their flights. The way this works is that you will have your boarding pass sent to your smart phone via email or text message and then you will present the message containing a bar code that can be scanned by the airport security and again when you arrive at the gate. One advantage to using electronic boarding passes is that most people already are going to have their cellphones with them and so no they won’t have to worry about losing or misplacing their boarding passes anymore. Also, some disadvantages though are that your cellphone could die and therefore you would be unable to produce your electronic boarding pass to be scanned and e-boarding can only be used if there is only one person in your reservation. In my opinion, I believe that we should just stick with using paper boarding passes instead of electronic ones, because not everyone has smart phones and also there is no need to advance the technology to start using electronic boarding passes at airports anyways.


4 thoughts on “Electronic boarding passes for airplanes

  1. From a ‘green’ point of view removing paper boarding passes sounds like a terrific idea, but from a security prescriptive only having electronic boarding passes can create quite a few new problems. I agree in that paper boarding passes should not phased out anytime soon.

  2. I definitely agree, because although eventually electronic boarding passes may be easier I believe that for now we should just stick to using paper boarding passes to avoid any security problems.

  3. Instead of electronic boarding passes, what if they created a universal card similar to a credit card that you could swipe before you board the plane? It could be used with all airlines and you would have something like a “flight credit” that works only for the flight you booked..Just an idea.

  4. I like the idea of electronic boarding passes. I have seem them used and they arent any less safe than paper boarding passes. You still need to present your passport to even get into the gate so by then all the “Security checks” should have been made. Its more of just getting into the plane and having a record of it.

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