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When cruising through the darkest corners of the internet it’s always a good idea to be safe. In class we’ve talked about different extensions for Firefox (most are also work with Chrome) that increase one’s security, so I thought I’d make a quick list of extensions that really get it done.

Dr. Web: Have you ever thought to yourself, “man this link looks sketchy, well time to roll the bones.” Dr Web eliminates the whole guessing game of “is this a safe link?”. Just right click on link and click scan. A window then pops up detailing the positive or negate results.

Adblock Plus: This is by far the best extension. AdBlock Plus removes all adds and pop-ups from websites. Barring security for a moment, removing those inconveniences is worth the download alone. Getting back into the security mindset, removing all ads and pop-ups does make your computer safer. Some ads and pop-ups are made with the sole purpose of tricking people into clicking and then installing unwanted, behind-the-scenes programs.

Web of Trust (WOT): This extension lets you see if a website is safe. When searching on Google a green circle appears next to each link. Click on that and a new page pops up detailing the websites trustworthy ratings.

No Script: No script disables java script from running without your permission. This prevents any malicious script attacks. Although it may a little annoying it does keep you safe.


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    • While this is a possibility, the likelihood of this occurring is so miniscule that it is negligible.

  1. Got it!
    Got it!
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    Got it!
    Good advice. Obliviously i agree with all you said since I have all those add-ons. I think there are several others that can help too but overall using your brain is the best way to keep you safe. Would you walk down a dark alley in the middle of the night? you wouldn’t because it just doesn’t look safe or better yet “feel safe”. Use the same logic when surfing. If you don’t feel it is safe…then just don’t go there. This won’t keep you completely safe, but it helps.

  2. I myself use google chrome but some of these apps exist on both browsers. The only one I don’t use is Web of Trust but i run Avast and it offers a similar service. Anyone have opinions on avast? or could anyone recommend some other free anti malware programs like avast and spybot?

  3. I’ve just downloaded adblock, and it works great. I was using a different ad blocking extension before, but I quite like the one you recommended. Thanks!

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