Four years of Google Security

Google is hard at work on the forefront of the fight against malware. For over five years now, google’s safe browsing initiative has protected users from malware and sites that carry it. This article ( ) shows google’s achievements on the analysis and growth of malware on the internet. Some things they have covered are rates of social engineering, IP cloaking, and new detection capabilities that are state of the art for the safe browsing initiative.

We should be glad that google works so hard to prevent viruses on the internet. As the blog will show us many viruses are impressive and can harm not only your computer, but your information. There is no better thing than being perfectly secure, and with the efforts of google and other anti-virus agents on the internet, we could in due time be looking at a new age free of viruses.


3 thoughts on “Four years of Google Security

  1. I think it is a great idea and concept that google is now working towards becoming more secure to provide protection from viruses and other malware. But I disagree with the statement that we might have a new age free of viruses, because that will probably never happen as people are just going to create more viruses as we learn to prevent the ones that are already out there now.

  2. “a new age free of viruses”

    As amazing as this sounds I really find it hard to believe. Google has done an excellent job in stomping out viruses but I feel like there is always going to be another new virus that sneaks past protection.

  3. As long as there is information to be obtained through computers, malware/viruses won’t ever go away. The technology stopping them could certainly improve drastically but it will never be 100%.

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