Globalization ripple effects

If you have giant heaps of information and want to analyze it in ways that a traditional relational database application can, then you might have looked at Hadoop as an option. Hadoop is an open source platform for analyzing large volumes of structured AND unstructured items.

That all sounds great but among the companies that are using this technology (JP Morgan, Ebay, and the growing number everyday), none of them expected to have to go back and review security problems that it might have. Now IT personaell is preparing for any problems that might come with this great new technology.

The problem with ANY software that many companies will use is that a security problem with it won’t just affect one group. Many of the giant companies around the world use the same software for certain things. Should any holes and flaws concerns arise with the software, it affects them all. This is sort of the inverted version of users using the same password on various sites. In the case of Hadoop though, it seems companies will conform and take their own route to secure the holes, regardless of the updates Hadoop makes.


One thought on “Globalization ripple effects

  1. I feel like the companies should be working together to cover their security flaws instead of on their own. Security should be the number one priority and clearly they don’t seem to think that.

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