Homeland security fears Stuxnet

In a recent article I read they discussed how the US department of homeland security still fears the Stuxnet code. For those who are unfamiliar with stuxnet it is a computer worm that was discovering in 2010. Stuxnet has been used as a weapon; attacking centrifuges in Iran’s nuclear program. The origin of the code is cloudy and slightly unknown, it really just showed up on the internet. Some have reason to believe it was actually the US who developed and release it.The code has been made available on line and shared among the hacker community as an open source style code. Because of this reason the fact remains that Stuxnet is a very powerful piece of code having the ability to morph and refine itself for specialized tasks. After years of exposure to the virus we still don’t have the best understanding of how it works and how to identify / stop it. This has cause many people to criticize DHS for not offering enough information about the worm after years of exposure. As of now only the future will hold the answers we are looking for regarding stuxnet.  Hopefully it can be stopped before a potentially devastating attack is made.

source: http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2011/07/dhs-fears-stuxnet-attacks/

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  1. Stuxnet seems like an absolute beast. Let’s hope the security measures we have in place now can prevent the attack and protect our information.

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