Internet Explorer 9

     Internet Explorer has received a lot of flack in past years being that it had so many security flaws. It’s often treated like the red-haired step child of internet browsers. However, in recent years Microsoft has stepped up their game and produced a legitimate alternative to using Chrome or Firefox. Unlike past versions of IE, Internet Explorer 9 was actually made ground up with a security mindset.

Anytime you try to do something that could harm your computer Internet Explorer 9 warns you. For instance, when navigating to or downloading from a known harmful website it will suggest you navigate away. When downloading files it will scan it to make sure it is safe. Now that is not new to internet browsers but IE9 is able to detect “99% of the malware it encountered,” according to the NSS. Considering IE9’s origins this is a huge step forward for Microsoft.



4 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 9

  1. I had no idea IE9 was so secure! A detection rate of 99% of malware is pretty impressive. But I wonder if that means it ran into viruses that it couldn’t detect.

    • Yeah I was wondering the same thing. To be honest I’m still sketchy about using IE9 and feel much safer using Firefox or Chrome.

  2. It may be secure, but it feels nothing like internet explorer. The favorites and homepage button have been relegated to the right side of the screen and the tabs are now inline with the address bar. It feels completely different, and after giving it a try for a few days I went back to Chrome.

  3. I’ve used IE for the past couple years and I’ve encountered quite a few crashes and nothing big. But, I use it mostly because my finger print reader doesn’t work with the other browsers. I’ve tried installing add-ons, and I think I got it to work at some point but I don’t know what happened after that. So, I’ve become somewhat attached to IE. The other browsers are still great though.

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