Is the App store really safe?

Most people who lifted their shiny iPhones and pressed upgrade to iOS5 button, were looking for a better battery life that can get them more rounds of Angry Birds. The reality is that Apple’s latest updated was dealing with something a lot more important.

A week ago Accuvant LABS computer security researcher Charlie Miller uncovered a major security flaw that gives hackers a way to build apps that look and act legit but then downloads unproved code to your phone. Apple have always been known for having a tight grip on their app store and such incident shows that no system is fully secure from hackers attacks.

Miller even demonstrated by creating his own app that does that and got it fully approved by Apple and then did a video of what the app can do. His app have been now removed and his license revoked.


5 thoughts on “Is the App store really safe?

  1. I believe this was patched a couple days ago. I think the flaw was only there for 4 days before they figured out how to fix it. Still, it just goes to show you that you that nothing is without flaws, and you should be wary of any app you download.

    • I mis-read your post- I see now that you were aware that this was already patched in the latest update. Sorry!

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  3. Apparently, Apple’s product penetration in the U.S is about 25% and 5% worldwide Someone that can get into the apple market and hence apple products, is accessing a great deal of information. You mentioned Angry birds — angry birds alone has had over 200 million downloads from Apple products alone, according to an Apple forum. Imagine an app passing off as legit and being downloaded millions of times. That’s a security nightmare. Not to mention, most of us have our bank accounts, emails, social networking sites on there and connected all the time.

  4. This could be a major security flaw for Apple, because many individuals put a lot of trust into the fact that the Apple Apps out there on the app store are going to be safe and are not going to harm their devices and cause problems for them

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