Mac and swiss cheese

Everyone is always adamant to say how Mac’s are more secure and never get viruses. Well, according to this article, the Mac OS, has some sandbox security holes. In the very environment that’s supposed to be safe to run in, sand boxed apps have the ability to trigger external processes that aren’t sand boxed. The reality is that Mac OS is just software like all other software and can be flawed. The real problem is that some Mac users and even some Mac executives think that Mac’s are untouchable and as they begin to gain popularity that will become the biggest risk of all. Once hackers catch on the the growing Mac population they will begin to code viruses and mal-ware to hit these security holes that Mac users haven’t had to worry about it a long time.

Secure your Mac’s ladies and gentlemen.


5 thoughts on “Mac and swiss cheese

  1. One of the main reasons that people feel Mac’s are secure is simply because of the lack of viruses associated with the OS. Since Mac’s dominate such a miniscule portion of the market it is almost a waste for a hacker to spend time writing a virus for a Mac based computer; especially, while the majority of servers are Windows and GNU/Linux boxes.

  2. Viruses on the mac might be more dangerous soon. A mac virus has less of a chance of being found but if it does, mac users are at a disadvantage to other computer users (we already have training when it comes to malware). If the knowledge of big holes in mac computers makes bigger news, (like this sandbox issue) it could get attention; those mac users you were talking about will start worrying.

    • Exactly, once malware becomes more prevalent on Mac’s their user base is going to realize that there is a very big difference between a lag of threats and security.

  3. It doesn’t seem like such a big issue honestly. The percent of personal computers that are Macs is rapidly declining. Apple has long since shifted its focus towards portability. Apple desktops are long gone and while they still have their laptops, they are leaning in favor of their more portable products like the iphone and the ipad. If anything with the apple logo is going to start getting malware soon its going to be things like that and people will be even less prepared.

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