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Hey everyone,

I am planning on finally getting a smart phone, I feel like I’ve waited long enough surviving off of my ipod touch for mobile browsing and computing needs. I am looking into getting a droid phone over the iphone so I am just now beginning to do some product / consumer research. I thought I’d be a good idea to post on this blog and hopefully have some important questions answer. ( Never owned a smartphone so I am a bit of a noob when it comes to trying to make an educated purchase.)

  •  Any suggestions for recommended security / anti malware apps? (i’m not sure really how much malware or security software exists but I do remember professor discuss it briefly)
  • I’m looking for a smart phone with a keyboard and an AMOLED screen. These were just some recommendations from friends on a few basic things but I have heard good things about AMOLED.
  • What is the risk with using QR code readers? Do some readers offer better security than others?
  • Most cost efficient  data plans or any tips for staying under your bandwidth cap?

    I will post more questions if i get some responses and once i’ve done more research.Thanks guys!


4 thoughts on “Mobile Device Security

  1. From personal experience and research I have found Mobile Lookout to be a fairly good AV software application for mobile devices. The application can be found here:

    In addition to provide scanning upon installation of new apps, if your device is ever lost you can use its GPS location to track the device. Furthermore you can manually send the device a signal from logging in to the Mobile Lookout website to cause it to emit a ringtone in order to help you find your lost device.

  2. I never use AV for my phone….I just dont surf enough on the web to really need it I feel. Even the apps I use they are more for entertainment and such than mobile banking etc. I think personally that its just more bloatware on your phone for no reason.

    • Great response from everyone from a bunch of different view points. Thanks a lot guys I’ll look into all of this and take it into consideration once I get my new phone

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