Removing the Danger of Shorted URL’s

URL shorteners were made to make sharing website links a whole lot easier. URL shorteners are very convenient but come with a risk. When clicking a shortened link, you have no idea where it can send you. From a security perspective this is unacceptable, the risk is too great.

Instead of blindly clicking a shortened URL and hoping for the best use Unshorten It removes the risk of the unknown and guarantees your security. Just drop a shorten URL into the bar and Unshorten It handles the rest.

Here is an exmaple of how indepth Unshorten It is. Here’s the shortened URL I entered in (unshorted it is and it shows you this:

5 thoughts on “Removing the Danger of Shorted URL’s”

  1. This is a dangerous tool for the spamming industry to be able to wield. I can imagine it raises their user click percentages. Personally, I am more susceptible to click on a link I don’t know where it leads to than something that obviously looks suspicious.

    1. Personally, I would hope users will value the security of their computer over the 2 seconds it takes to click on the ‘unshortner’ to uncover the true intent of the suspicious shortened URL.

  2. Its about time someone made “”! I can’t stand being rick rolled, but opening a page riddled with viruses would be even worse. Not only does it tell you where you’re going but if the site is safe? It’s a perfect fix to the short url problem.

  3. This is a great tool to use and protect yourself. In most social netowrking sites shortened links are used very often so using this to make sure the link is safe is highly recommended.

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