Should should social networking sites be allowed in the workplace?

This article discusses the current debate on whether social media websites like Facebook or LinkedIn should be allowed to be used in the workplace. For example, many companies believe that social websites are very distracting to have in the workplace, because it causes several of their employees to not be able to complete their work in a timely manner because they are always getting distracted. Also, many social networking sites can pose as a major security threat to some companies, because they are an easy source of viruses and spam which could filtrate into the company if their employees become infected by it. Although social networking sites can be bad for many companies they can also be put to good use for journalists and reporters as they can easily use the information from these websites to be able to better cover and write a story for their job. In my opinion, I believe that employees should not really be allowed to use social media sites while they are at work, because it causes a lot of distractions and it prevents many people from actually getting all of their work done.


8 thoughts on “Should should social networking sites be allowed in the workplace?

  1. Social networks should not be allowed in companies, take facebook for example many people will agree with me that the minute they sit in front of any computer they will automatically log in. Once you on the network you can spend hours without even realizing it. Definitely no to social networking in the workplace.

  2. I agree completely. When you’re at work you should be doing your work, not reading your news feed. Facebook and other social networking sites can wait until you’re home.

  3. I agree with you and those above me that social networking sites like facebook should not be allowed at the workplace. It’s an obvious distraction that should not be used while a person is working on company time.

  4. I agree with everyone that social networking sites are not appropriate for the work place and if I was an employer and I found out that the employees that I was playing to work were actually sitting on those sites I would probably be pretty upset that they are wasting my money.

  5. I say companies should have public computers available for employees to check Facebook during their breaks. That said, having it blocked on actual employee PC’s is a good thing. Also Reddit.

  6. Yes I definitely agree with all of you because employees should not be allowed to use Facebook while at work, because then they are just going to be wasting company time by using these websites instead of acomplishing the work that they are supposed to be getting done for their job. Also, it having separate computers at a company for their employees to go on Facebook during their breaks might not be such a bad idea and it may even benefit the company as well

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  8. I think they shouldnt be from a professional perspective. As an employer I wouldnt want my employees on FB or twitter while at work. However as an employee I do often use these sites while at work during slow times or times where im not actually on the clock.

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