Ultra-sophisticated malware “Duqu” takes several years to complete

The Duqu virus was built to gather intelligence. It is a trogan with many variants. It took four years to finish. Most impressively, it could have been made by the same people who made the Stuxnet worm that sabotoged Iran nuclear program. Not only is it like a precursor to Stuxnet, but it is cleaner and makes less mistakes. It can be used in several different ways to attack the kernel of a Windows machine. The article( http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9221760/Hackers_may_have_spent_years_crafting_Duqu?taxonomyId=17&pageNumber=2 ) has more details about this trogan malware.

A team of people working on this virus for 4 years can be a tool of computing power. The result of their work is Duqu (and possibly Stuxnet). Groups of hackers working together can have a huge outcome, and no amount of security can stop so many people working together. The internet is vulernable; something needs to be done about hackers and viruses.