Anonymity Online Through The Tor Project

Since it’s release in 2002, the Tor (short for The Onion Router) has been a system running intended to enable online anonymity.

Tor client software routes Internet traffic through a worldwide volunteer network of servers in order to conceal a user’s location or usage from someone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis. Using Tor makes it more difficult to trace Internet activity, including “visits to Web sites, online posts, instant messages and other communication forms”, to the user. It is intended to protect users’ personal freedom, privacy, and ability to conduct confidential business by keeping their internet activities from being monitored.

I have tried using Tor years ago and it seems somewhat practical, but effective for someone who would like anonymity online. The Tor client software can be run through virtually anything that uses the internet on your computer. The downside I found with it though was that sometimes it can cause slow speeds, due to running through other people who have slow internet. Also the fact that you are volunteering yourself while on the Tor network, might make some uneasy about using it.

Have any of you guys used Tor? and if not, do you think it is worth using it to protect your privacy?


9 thoughts on “Anonymity Online Through The Tor Project

  1. I have not used it but i have heard that it is great for staying anonymous especially from people who are looking at network traffic.

    • Tor has no encryption so I have no idea who you heard that from. Tor certainly does makes it more difficult to listen on network traffic because the destinations would be different, but that is it.

  2. I used it occasionally just to see how it worked, but I found the speed extremely slow. Also, doesn’t this just pass accountability to someone else in the Tor network? It seems like it is just a proxy to someone else’s computer in the network, so anything illegal you are doing would make someone else vulnerable for your actions. Again, I don’t know the full details but this seems like it would be the case.

    • No ones ever been prosecuted for running a TOR exit node. The problem that can arise is that your ISP might not be all that happy with it because of some of the traffic that flows through it. Specifically if your getting people running bittorrent to download pirated content then your ISP is going to be receiving all of the DMCA or abuse complaints.

  3. Do you think they have logs to record the network traffic so when the time comes when they get pushed around by FBI they can give them the logs?

  4. If this is completely anonoymous what would criminals and hackers possible do with it, and if it cant be traced or found back to someone that just seems like a bad idea.

  5. It is not completely anonymous. All the data that passes through the Onion network is clear text and an attacker has the potential of listening on your traffic, even forcing fake ssl certificates so that https would not encrypt properly. It in not anonymous and people who use Tor for illegal activities can be caught.

  6. I haven’t used it before but it sounds great if it is in the right hands.unfortunately every advancement is a two way street, criminals can have field day with tor.

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