CAPTCHA: Stopping Bots

Bots have been around for awhile and have be an ever increasing concern. How do you know if an account was created by/for a bot or by a genuine user? There different ways to confirm somones humanity, but a great solution is to use CAPTCHA. It asks the user to look at the image and input the letters presented. A human should have little to no trouble copying the letters, however a bot will more often then not be completely dumbfounded. CAPTCHA’s distort the text of the image making it even harder for bots to answer it correctly.


3 thoughts on “CAPTCHA: Stopping Bots

  1. Though CAPTCHAs are really nice sometimes I find them a little annoying esspecailly if they are really difficult to figure out. I wish there was a way to do the same thing but make it easier for people to use. And eventually I do believe that someone will be able to figure out how to crack this and by that time I believe that someone should have been working on an alternative to this so that we can implement something else.

    • I agree, sometimes they are so jumbled that I cant make out what they want me to type….I remember a time when these things werent even in use. I agree that they are needed at times but it seems like more steps the consumer has to take because of these “security issues”

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