Dumpster Documents

Just to prove that data isn’t safe no matter whether it’s physical or on a computer somewhere, documents containing vital information from the Ministry of Children and Family Development were found in a dumpster behind an apartment building. For security this was a serious concern since vital information got leaked, supposedly by an old employee who was required by law to turn in any private information when leaving a government position such as his.

Concern with network safety isn’t enough. There are many ways of obtaining private information that need to be analyzed in order to prevent occurrences such as this from happening where the big mistake was throwing away information.


The article can be found here: http://cyberinsecure.com/private-canadian-childrens-ministry-papers-dumped-in-trash-contain-names-addresses-birth-dates/


5 thoughts on “Dumpster Documents

  1. I believe because of this problem any company or agency or anyone that handles private and confidental information should have a system in place were information that was private and confidental would have to be shredded or destroyed of in some way so that the information could not be used to commit crime.

  2. Company’s need to have a protocol on how they destroy/handle sensitive information. Whether it be shredder or incinerator.

  3. protecting information just does not seem to be a priority for some people, they just don’t care even if they know the possible outcomes of such carelessness. The should be some type of consequence for such disregard of other peoples information

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