Ethical Hackers 2

In a follow up to my post about ethical hackers, I found an article about a Cyber Challenge which was looking into getting teenagers and young adults, who have are partial to hacking, interested in cybersecurity jobs. “In the eyes of the organizers of the Maryland Cyber Challenge and Conference, today’s hacker could be tomorrow’s cybersecurity hero.”  Realizing that there is a shortage of security professionals in the work force, those who ran the whole conference, intended to help those who attended see the great aspects of cybersecurity. The challenge itself was:

an all-day brain tester for eight high school and eight college teams. The college students had to hack into a computer, gain control, and rummage through files for valuable information. Meanwhile the high-schoolers were required to defend six computer servers against attacks by cunning computer professionals seated across the room.

It would seem that the “Ethical Hacker” is a much needed resource in this day and age.



2 thoughts on “Ethical Hackers 2

  1. This seems like a good example of the saying “if you cant do, teach.” Since the act of doing this is illegal in most cases, many people who can do this can teach others to prevent it instead and work to counteract the rest of the people who decide to continue hacking.

  2. There is no such thing as an “”ethical” hacker. The statement is contradicting and can be considered digital versions of private investigators or investigative reporters. There is such a fine line between what is legal and what is not that it is impossible for an “ethical” hacker to not do anything illegal.

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