Facebook vs. FTC


With charges from the FTC looming, Facebook has decided it will be taking an additional step in privacy settings with its userbase. Reportedly, Facebook will require consent before making additional security or privacy changes to user’s profiles.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean Facebook will require a democratic “majority vote” from its users every time they want to make a change, it will probably tell users individually via notification that their privacy settings will be changed with their consent. This is a step in the right direction, and hopefully they will eventually standardize on profile security instead of changing it every few months.


3 thoughts on “Facebook vs. FTC

  1. This is a good idea because you don’t want bad defaults affecting the security of your computer

  2. I do not believe Facebook can ever make itself safe for people who actually does not know how to be safe in real world. No matter how hard Facebook tries it is going to be in vain. Facebook can only be as safe as the safest link using Facebook.

  3. At least that’s a step in the right direction. Though a lot of people who use facebook don’t even know how to apply those settings, for those who know it’s great just to have a warning and to be better prepared to reset your account as soon as they are done updating.

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