Gaming Safety

In a time where online games are so common, many people can get lost in the game and not think about safety while playing. Often, people will simply give out their personal information to players online. This can be as simple as a first name or even giving out an address. It is very easy to get somebody to reveal information about themselves simply by being friendly and developing connections with people that aren’t really there. As an example, and yes this worked way too often, while playing a game online most people would tell me if they lived in the United States and then go on to tell me what state they lived in. If I just told them I lived in that same state, more often than not I got towns and streets out of people online as well as their name if I asked nicely enough.

This is exactly what people do to try to attack a person through their identity. People are always concerned with if they are keeping their information safe and not downloading sketchy things or visiting unsafe sites, and yet they will give out that same information to random strangers online without a second thought. This kind of behavior seems to follow along the same lines as giving out passwords for chocolate (another test that worked much better than it should have.)


3 thoughts on “Gaming Safety

  1. This is definitely a common occurrence when playing online games. People need to be a little more paranoid about who knows their personal information and not be so willing to give it out.

  2. The game environment just like the Facebook environment gives people a sense of freedom an exclusion from the society and real world they are in. This in the end effect people to act however they would like revealing their sensitive information. People should have the sense that some people have some other aims other than passing to the next level and learn to be suspicious.

  3. A bunch of people get really close online and try to even meet up. I personally dont think this is smart but then again I have never been one to want to meet up with people over the internet.

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