How can you limit the amount of information collected about you?

With limited privacy on the internet, it is important that people try to limit or control their the personal information that they post onto the internet. It is important because attackers will look for a potential target’s personal information online. Steps to take that can limit the amount of information collected on you are:

Be careful supplying personal information – Do not give important information such as your address, password, credit card information, or birthday to a site that don’t trust. Make sure to look for indications that the site uses SSL to encrypt your information. Although some sites require you to supply your social security number (e.g., sites associated with financial transactions such as loans or credit cards), be especially wary of providing this information online.

Limit cookies- Cookies hold a lot of information, and if an attackers is able to get into your computer, they can find very sensitive information through your cookies. Because of this it is in good practice to limit your cookies.

Browse safely- You should always be careful with the sites that you you visit. You should immediately steer clear from any sites that you think are suspicious. Also make sure to take precautions by increasing your security settings, keeping your anti-virus software up to date, and scanning your computer for spyware and other malicious software regularly.


4 thoughts on “How can you limit the amount of information collected about you?

  1. Monitoring what is on your Facebook and limiting your cookies are two things everyone should be doing. Deleting your cookies regularly is important being that they can contain so much sensitive information about you and not posting everything about yourself on Facebook should be obvious.

    • This brings up the debate about why we allow tracking cookies if the violate privacy. Browsers are configured to gladly accept these cookies and never delete them without user interaction.

  2. I agree too many people are just leaving their information on their Facebook profiles for any malicious person to see and exploit.

  3. Also, theres websites that provide background information on you. If you see your name and info, you can opt out and request to not have your information shared.

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