Is Opera worth using?

Opera has been around since 1994 and has yet to really grab a large user base. It has always been a relatively solid choice of a web browser but  is overshadowed by Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. Opera and Internet Explorer 9 have a similar feature which is that they will try and navigate you away from harmful websites and content. Opera also sports extended validation. Extended validation is a type of certificate which is issued only after strict criteria has been met. Extended validation makes sure a website is who they say they are. Opera also has top of the line 256-bit encryption to help guarantee security. Opera is a valid alternative to the other major browsers, but to be quite honest I would just stay with Chrome or Firefox.


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8 thoughts on “Is Opera worth using?

  1. The problem with Opera (well, less of a problem and more of an issue, really) is that there aren’t really that many convenient add-ons for it, compared to the number of those for Firefox, or even Chrome or IE. However, if someone is willing to sacrifice those for enhanced security (which would be an intelligent choice that not many would make), then this is the optimal choice.

    • That is true, Opera is lacking in add-ons, but does have increased security. Although Firefox and Chrome may not have as good security as Opera, there are add-ons that make up for the lack of initial security. i.e. No Script, WOT, etc.

  2. I am not an opera user and with the creation of HTML 5 I perfer either IE or Chrome and besides Opera really has no good or useful features like the ones that Chrome, IE, and Firefox have and in todays day in age, add ons are very important.

  3. I tried Opera a few times and saw absolutely no advantage over using Chrome. Chrome is the fastest and gives me the least amount of problems. Opera was slower starting up and didn’t provide me with any benefits over Chrome. I gave it a few chances and simply didn’t see the draw to using it.

  4. Not that many people use Opera, but I have a feeling that a lot more people use Opera Mini on their smartphones. It almost always faster than the default browser on your phone.

  5. I think that Opera users may be less vulnerable to attacks because of the limited amount of users. However the time it takes to patch a Opera vulnerability is much longer then that of companies that are always seeing new vulnerabilities such as Firefox.

  6. It’s a great browser if you want to incorporate all of your life in your browser. Emails, messaging, torrenting, etc…

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