Social Networking Pros and Cons

So much time is spent talking about how terrible social networking sites are but few people ever see that these sites can have a real benefit to society in some ways. In this article:

the topic of politics brings up an interesting case in social networking. Especially in a younger generation who spends a great deal of time on sites like Facebook, social networking helped to spike their interest and get them following politics through the sites themselves. Apparently they were a good source of information regarding political campaigns.

Unfortunately, most of the time the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to social networking and the big issue with these sites is security. While many of these sites are doing a good job of trying to protect against security issues, the one thing none of them can get around is the ignorance of the average user. According to the article, in just one year, phishing on these sites went up by 240%. This wouldn’t be nearly so high if it didn’t work a good amount of the time and unfortunately, many people grow up knowing how to use the internet but not about how to protect themselves against obvious scams such as this.


4 thoughts on “Social Networking Pros and Cons

  1. I think it would be a good idea to have people learn about internet security before they expose them self to the web and all the malware that comes with it.

    • I agree. People are exposed to the web at such a young age, and they should at least be taught some lessons in being safe on the internet. I’m sure most high schoolers and college students don’t know much about internet safety other than looking out for predators. Since social networking sites are mostly being used by the younger age groups, they are mostly the ones that should know about social networking safety.

      • I would agree with what you stated, but whose job is it teach younger children about the internet? It seems like it can be very biased and it just open more doors for conflict.

  2. No one can really say that social networking only offers cons since that would be false. catching up with old JHS friends, family in other countries etc. are all benefits of social networking but I think the media simply focuses on the cons way more than the pros.

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