Staying Safe While Using Social Media

We all know that you cannot really expect any privacy on the internet when you willingly sign up for a social networking site. However, people would still like to be able to stay safe while interacting with friends/family. Here are some tips so that you can do so:

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-Think about how different sites work, and perhaps gather information on them as well, before deciding to commit to one. That way, you can know for sure that you agree with the policies of the website

-Keep conscious control over what you post. You never want to post too much information about yourself, nor do you ever want to say something that you wouldn’t admit to in court. With the advent of employers checking their prospect’s Facebook pages, you should be very wary about the nature of what you say/post/do.

-Make sure that you username and password are very safe. Ensure that your username does not reveal too much about you, and make sure that your password is both long and complex, to make it all the more safe.

-Be careful of who you talk to online. You never really know someone until you meet them face to face, and so assume that those who you talk to on the internet cannot be trusted. Make sure that you stay very careful of agreeing to meet them face to face, and make sure that you do not give them any false signals/pretenses.

These are just a few things that you can do to ensure your internet safety.


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  1. As far as the password is concerned you should use keyboard patterns that you can memorize in order to increase the entropy of your password. The higher the entropy the harder it is for hackers to crack your password.

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