Taking Paranoia Too Far?

As we’ve learned in class, nothing is safe, and you can never be too careful. However, you might wonder if this mindset poses some negative effects as well. Is it possible to be too paranoid?

Let’s say that you are an employer in a company. You care about the company’s success, and you also don’t want to be a threat to hackers. What is the line that should be drawn when keeping things safe? Should you let no one have access to anything but yourself? Should you begin monitoring what your employees do? Perhaps you don’t even set up a network, because it could never be truly safe, and you end up doing everything by paper, then. What about someone breaking into the file cabinets, then?

By saying that you can never bee too careful, one makes the realization that no network is fully safe. But is this mindset really healthy to have, considering all of the holes that you have to consider? I mean, after all, it’d just be best to run your business in a hole in the ground, so that no one could penetrate your defenses.


5 thoughts on “Taking Paranoia Too Far?

  1. It’s pretty much economics at work – you are constantly making trade offs. Red Hat Linux actually has delegated Administrator accounts – where if there are multiple Administrators you still can’t access the files of others on the system. You can take paranoia too far. In this class, we have looked at the vocal minority of security problems. If you go to most small to medium businesses today, there may be security holes, but I bet most of them employees don’t know about nor have the resources to exploit them.

    That said, I should probably tell the grocery store near my house they have an unsecured hotspot and I can access their cash registers over it (at least see their names broadcasted).

  2. I dont think people should be that paranoid, but it is good to be cautious. Too much I think could lead to bad and ugly things happening.

  3. That pretty much says you’re choosing security over convenience. There is always a flaw in any type of security, and you’ll just be making things harder for you and everyone else. And with that, there is no efficiency.

  4. I think you can be careful to a certain extent . You can block access to unwanted websites and have regular antivirus updates but you can only be so careful before getting in the way of good business so i would say be moderate but try to be as sage as possible

  5. This is the very same reason I dont fret too much over security. No matter how hard you try to secure something there is always a way to infiltrate it. You cant live life like a nutcase worrying about your every move. utilize common sense, do what you can and be smart. Thats about as much as you can do.

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