Tips for Avoiding Malware


This just had some basic tips in order to avoid malware issues. Most of it is common knowledge but just some key points:

– Install anti-malware programs on the computer. More than one can be beneficial since different programs update at different times so one might not catch something that another would. Also, make sure they are always fully updated.

– Use strong passwords. The article recommends passwords at least 14 characters long but even longer is better. Stronger passwords use upper and lowercase letters, non-alphabetic characters, and tend not to follow a recognizable pattern.

– Don’t be tricked. Possibly the most important piece of information contained in the article had nothing to do with technology. If something online doesn’t seem safe, odds are that it isn’t and a good amount of the time things that do seem relatively safe can still contain malware. Knowing this, one of the most effective strategies is to distrust any unknown sites, downloads, or links and hopefully whatever anti-malware software is installed can filter out anything that might slip by.


4 thoughts on “Tips for Avoiding Malware

  1. You can also add salt to your password to not only elongate it but randomize it as well.

    • What is this I don’t even…

      Back to the topic at hand, I feel like the best protection against malware and most viruses is just use some common sense. Ask yourself, should I click this? Should I download this?

      • I would agree with you completely,and the fact that even though software does help preventing attacks, nothing is perfect

  2. Common sense seems to be the best answer against Malware but not the sole solution. Unfortunately there is no software that can keep you safe from Malware better than your commonsense.

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