U.S vulnerable?

Last week a top cyber security adviser to three former presidents announced the fragility of the U.S defense network. He speaks about the fact that our network is very vulnerable to outside attacks and how starting war could now hurt the U.S in many ways. He says that our network can be hacked by many outside sources taking away a lot of U.S control. With this power outsiders can control our economic markets our power grids almost everything. This could lead to the demise of the U.S because our economy would tank along with all of our commodities which are controlled by our network.




4 thoughts on “U.S vulnerable?

  1. Here’s an idea for the U.S – take the defense network off the internet. Do that and even if malware makes its way into the system, it won’t be able to report back to anything, unless it is given specific instructions on what to do. If the network is large enough there’s no reason it needs to be connected to the internet. It can be a single private network.

  2. I think the we really need to address our defense network security. We have some of the most technologically gifted people in the world. Whats going on are the people in power paying any attention to this problem

  3. I am actually surprised a large attack hasnt taken place towards the us’ network. I think the downfall that the person or persons who would do an attack like this is the only thing keeping people from trying.

  4. I truthfully didn’t believe that we were in that dire of a cyber situation. i knew that certain other countries had a 1 up on us but to be that afraid of a cyber counterattack is surprising.

    “In addition, Clarke said the U.S. military is so reliant on computer systems that in a future conflict troops could reach the battlefield and realize “nothing works.”

    This to me is the most important thing the article said though. We need to put our troops lives in absolute danger like this when so many things rely on technology. Especially when someone has confirmed how weak our system really is. I know that i wouldn’t want my friends that joined to military to be sent out knowing that their equipment could fail immediately upon use thus leaving them defenseless.

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