Canadians lax about cellphone security

Lax Security

It seems that Canadians are much more lax about their cellphone security that most people.

This article found that:

  • One third of Canadians use public Wi-Fi at places such as coffee shops and airports where online communications are not always protected by encryption.
  • One in five users of social networking sites do not adjust privacy settings to control who can see photos and information about them online.

I think perhaps they have just accepted the fact that protecting yourself at times can be futile because they can infiltrate you regardless.


2 thoughts on “Canadians lax about cellphone security

  1. It doesn’t make sense to me why they would all be so relaxed about cyber security like that. Although perhaps they just don’t see as many attacks coming at them as the Americans do.

  2. Obviously the US is target by a lot of cyber attacks, I don’t know how much more than Canada though. But assuming it is much more I feel like that would be the cause behind us encouraging security and talking about it so much. Possibly the publicity of our security problems in the US causes more of us to think about being secure. This being less in Canada could be the answer to their laxness. I don’t know i’m just guessing.

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