New Duqu Detection Software to help Windows OS users!!

Recently in the world networking and Internet security, researchers in Hungary from The Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security (CrySys) have developed software that has the ability to detect the presence of Duqu malware on a users system. Duqu is a malware software that is implanted onto a user’s system with the purpose stealing digital certificates from the infected computer and making it easier for other malicious software to appear as legitimate and secure. Most Duqu malware is acquired by opening a word document sent via email which contains the software. The researchers that developed this software are also the same researchers that discovered the Duqu malicious software back in September of 2011. The developers said that this software is ideal for Duqu victims to see how they were attacked, rather than just detecting and blocking an attack as most virus software does. The open source software is said to be as top class as a quality toolkit. However the developers say to examine the data reports that are given to make sure that you are not receiving a false positive report. I feel that this software is great for the fact that a computer user can never be too safe when it comes to securing their system. Prior to having gained this knowledge, I was unaware of this type of malicious software. I feel that it is a little intimidating, because it’s so easy to overlook and acquire. I hope that the researchers in Hungary continue to develop better software that can possibly aid in the removal of Duqu related malware.


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  1. Thats interesting I haven’t heard much about malware stealing certificates, but it sounds like a good attack. Hopefully their research goes well, sounds like this could be very dangerous.

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