People need to be more Cautious

People these days are too careless with their personal information. Due to this, cases of identify theft are becoming more prevalent. This past April, the Playstation Network (PSN) which has over 77 million registered accounts was hacked for almost a month. During this month crucial account information like credit card numbers were stolen from these registered accounts. I personally have a Playstation account but I have never gave them my credit card number for this sole reason. Giving out this information when you can go to the store and purchase a PSN card and then punch in the code on that card into the PSN to get money on your account makes no sense.


Sony (the creator of Playstation) did eventually regain control over the network from the hackers, revamp their security system and compensate the PSN users but that does not change the fact that they got hacked. Most people would think that a company of Sony’s caliber was not capable of getting hacked but that was not the case. With cyber attacks becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world, it is evident that people need to keep a better eye on their personal information. Checking your back statements and credit reports weekly is a good way of doing this.


2 thoughts on “People need to be more Cautious

  1. Anonymous must have some incredible resources to be able to do what they do. However, they pulled that off but they also made a promise to bring down Facebook and that never happened. Seems they can only do so much.

  2. I laughed when i read “revamp their security system and compensate the PSN users”. Here are the details of the welcome back package I found online:

    The package includes two free PS3 or PSP games, 30 days free membership of Sony’s premium PlayStation Plus service or, for existing PlayStation Plus members, an extra 60 days free. Subscribers to Sony’s Music Unlimited Service will also get 30 days free.

    Personally I wouldn’t give away my credit card number for that. But at least they gave something. But better yet buy the cards like the post says then next time maybe you can get this compensation and keep your credit card information to yourself.

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