Android Updates taking to long?

Through some searching online and reading multiple articles I found that many users are not on the latest Android version. This can obviously be seen as a security problem. As with many different software updates often include important security fixes. I doubt Android is any different. Although phones are shipped with a fairly recent version of the Android OS, the problem seems to be with how long it takes before the user even gets an update to the latest version. It can be a long process before the provider offers the update to its users. An article on computer world explained it better:

Google releases code that is in turn adapted by hardware manufacturers, and that in turn is adapted by various service providers. The software release latency from Google to device is long in the best of situations, and insurmountably long in many others.

With smart phone becoming some of the more popular devices to target for attacks, I feel this long process for updates could soon become a big issue. That is if it’s not already.


One thought on “Android Updates taking to long?

  1. I actually have ran into the same problem; I have not been prompted for an Android update in almost a year. I just went to my android settings and updated it manually to keep my phone up to date.

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